Chaplaincy Endowment Fund

To ensure the continuation of the chaplaincy within the educational environment at Acadia University, a special Chaplaincy Endowment Fund has been established. This fund will eventually provide for a university chaplain, student assistants, supplies and entire budget requirements for a vigorous program offered to students, faculty and staff of the University.

The Chaplaincy Endowment Fund allows the ecumenical religious traditions of Acadia to continue, and encourages the building of a progressive university environment for the integration of learning and personal spiritual growth.

In the current University economic climate, it is essential that $1 million is raised to guarantee the continuance of this important part of Acadia's fabric.

Supporting the Chaplaincy Endowment Fund helps to enrich spiritual life on campus, one of the five key focuses of Acadia along with the academic, athletic, cultural and social.

For more information on how you can support the Chaplaincy Endowment Fund please contact the Office of Advancement, or visit the Chaplaincy Homepage.