Rev. Timothy McFarland, Chaplain

tl_files/sites/chapel/resources/Images/tim in gallery.jpgGreetings. My name is Timothy McFarland and I am the Chaplain of Acadia University and Dean of the Manning Memorial Chapel. I am pleased to be working with the Acadia community as well as the surrounding areas in the promotion of spiritual inquiry and community development on the campus of the university. Working with a team of student chapel assistants and our University and Chapel Organist, I am a facilitator of events within the chapel space; from worship services, to concerts, to social action groups as well as activities put on by various university clubs and community service groups. 

My role on the campus also extends into the areas of counseling. I work in close partnership with the Resource Center of Acadia and am available for providing counseling for any who express need. I can be reached at the following contact sites or by informal drop-ins.

Telephone: 585-1203   Email:
Address: Acadia University      
  Wolfville, Nova Scotia      
  B4P 2R6