We're absolutely delighted to welcome harpist Deanne van Rooyen
as our guest musician this Sunday evening, Sept.24 7pm.
In addition to an international musical career, Deanne is also an
Associate Professor of Geology at Acadia.
Hard to imagine a better pairing than the magnificent acoustic
of the Chapel and the classical harp. Well, the organ's pretty ok, too :)
Hope you'll join us. It's a simplified liturgy, allowing lots of time for listening to Words and Music

Pleased to offer the second in our series of interviews as part of Celebrating Sixty Years!
Meg and Cameron Finlay, both members of the Manning Chapel Choir, in conversation with Rev. Dr. Marjorie Lewis


Daily Prayer Focus for the Acadia University Community

Daily Prayer and Bible Reading


Daily Readings (From the Bible) [5 – 10 minutes]


Description: Readings for the Liturgical Year; 3 readings per day consisting of a Psalm, reading from the Old Testament and Reading from the New Testament.

Sacred Space [Approximately 5 minutes with additional guides to extend the prayer time]


Description: Daily Prayer inclusive of preparation, contemplation and Bible Reading developed by the Irish Jesuits.  Also available in other languages.


Morning Prayer

The Deer's Cry (with lyrics) [approximately 3 minutes]


Description: Prayer also known as ‘St. Patrick’s Breastplate’ set to music, accompanied by nature scenes.


Midday Prayer

Northumbria Community [Approximately 4 minutes]


Description: brief prayers and meditations by a diverse and dispersed community of Christians who commit to Celtic daily prayer; social action and mutual accountability.  Morning and Evening Prayers are also available.


Evening Prayer

Lutheran Church of Honolulu [Approximately 5 minutes]


Description: includes prayers from the Episcopal Church tradition, Bible readings from the Common Lectionary.  Morning, Midday and Night Prayers also available.


Acadia University Prayer

Lord God of all wisdom, we pray for Acadia University, that she may be faithful to the purposes of our Founders, continue to promote the search for truth and knowledge, and be an inspiration to others who follow. May we be a community of scholars sharing this ambition, caring for one another, and loyal to the truth revealed to us as thy disciples. Amen.


Further general prayers for students here


President and Vice-Chancellor Peter Ricketts, Vice Presidents and staff

Information on the Office of the President and Vice-Chancellor



Faculty of Arts: Dr. David Duke Interim Dean of Arts, faculty, staff and students

Information on the Faculty of Arts:



Faculty of Professional Studies: Dean Corinne Haigh, faculty, staff and students

Information on the Faculty of Professional Studies:




Faculty of Theology Dean Anna Robbins, faculty, staff and students

Information on the Faculty of Theology, Acadia Divinity college


Manning Memorial Chapel Team Chaplain Marjorie Lewis, University and Chapel Organist John Scott, Chapel Assistants, members of the Chapel Choir, those who worship and have gatherings in the Chapel; Faith Groups at Acadia University


Acadia Resource Centres: Entrepreneurship, Academic, Athletics, Students’ Union, Accessible Learning, Alumni Affairs, Health, Residence Life, Bookstore, Library, Open Acadia, Registrar’s Office, Safety and Security, Scholarships and Financial Assistance, Student Resource/Counselling Centre, Technology Services, Wong International Centre


Faculty of Pure and Applied Science - Dean Suzie Currie, faculty, staff and students

Information on the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science



Research and Graduate Studies Dean Anna Redden, faculty, staff and students

Information on the Faculty of Research and Graduate Studies


Daily Prayer Focus for the World


“We are all Relatives” A Letter to the United Church of Canada from the National Indigenous Elders Council [3 minutes]


Description: Letter and prayer from the Indigenous Elders Council affirming good leadership, mutual support and the value of prayer and ceremony during the COVID- 19 experience.

Praying Together as we face COVID-19 (2 minutes)


Description: prayer of the Jamaica Baptist Union that can be adapted to make specific mention of other countries

Cancer During COVID: A Meditation (13 Minutes)


Description: Introduction and general reflection on suffering and death followed by compassionate guided meditation. Presented by Nova Scotian Hospital Chaplain as resource for persons with sick or worried relatives whom they can’t visit in person.


Give thanks for: the beauty of nature, the love of friends and family, the joy of pets

Pray for: Religious Leaders, Governments, the United Nations, activists for peace and the preservation of the environment


Give thanks for: creativity, innovation, skill and the human potential

Pray for: Entertainers and all experts in the visual, performing and plastic arts; experts in business, innovation, communication, human development, justice and peace.


Give thanks for: life, strength, abilities; opportunities to study and grow

Pray for: people with disabilities; Indigenous peoples, people of African descent, ethnic minorities within countries; students who struggle to find food, finance tuition, or fear falling behind in their studies.


Give thanks for: God’s love, power and mercy; freedom to worship and opportunities to serve others

Pray for: people of faith who struggle with doubts or have lost their faith; those who experience prejudice or persecution because of their faith; the World Council of Churches.


Give thanks for: help, health, healing, hospitality, protection and kindness.

Pray for: Those who are lonely, elderly, imprisoned, homeless, struggling with addiction; children without care and protection; victims of human trafficking; those isolated and alone because of COVID-19.


Give thanks for: those who teach, inspire, design equipment and develop therapies to support human well-being and right use of the world’s resources.

Pray for: refugees and displaced persons; those who are abused, sick, dying, worried, living in war zones; and those who have given up hope; Doctors, Nurses, Lab Technicians, Cleaners, Garbage Collectors, Security Personnel, counsellors, Caregivers, Social Workers, Volunteers and all working to prevent infection, treat illness and ensure safety and well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic


Give thanks for: rest, leisure and laughter

Pray for: those without recreation, those struggling to do the right thing, those living with poverty; those who have experienced trauma, those without access to a regular and clean water supply, those with no space to practice social distancing, those we dislike and those who we think are hostile towards us