Fall Term 2017

Unless otherwise indicated, Sunday evening sermons are offered by the Chaplain. Below is a list of dates and guest speakers for the 2017-18 Academic year.


October 15 - Dr. Diemo Landgraf, Associate Professor, Languages and Literatures

October 29 - Dr. William H. Brackney, Professor Emeritus, Acadia Divinity College


Connect with the Chapel through a video series of sermons preached throughout the academic year. All link will take you to the Chapel's YouTube chanel.


September 8 Jordan Waterbury, Chapel Assistant   https://youtu.be/Kb_GUF4MaBE
September 10          
September 15 Jeffrey Radford-Grant, Chapel Assistant   https://youtu.be/4bjvHSdXqfw
September 17      
September 22      
September 24 The Chaplain   https://youtu.be/P7lcYWq6Tqc
September 29      
October 1 Rev. Lawrence McIsaac    
October 8